How to Rank Products in Amazon listing?

How to Rank Products in Amazon listing? Many of us have listed our products but not getting any orders from the platform. First of all i want to take this platform as a source to remind you that you took one of the best decisions to sell your product online.

Nowadays as the internet is getting matured, marketplaces are enormously growing at a rapid state. It’s true that there are lots of sellers but there is 10 times more customers which are on the platform to purchase stuff.

If you have also listed your product on the platform, you must know these simple strategy to get your product ranked in amazon listing so next time if anyone types your products keyword, your product should appear at the top of listing.

Keypoints from the blog

  1. Understanding the algorithm of Amazon search engine
  2. Product matching detailed
  3. Understanding Product ranking

1. Understanding the algorithm of Amazon search engine

Likewise Google, Amazon have their own search engine named as A9. It is their subsidiary company which decides the algorithm on the basis of which the products are ranked in the product listing.

A9 Algorithm works in two steps :

  • Product Matching : Whenever any consumer types any product name in search box then from all the product which Amazon have, the products which matches with the query is displayed to the consumer.
  • Product Ranking : All the products which matched with the consumer enquiry, product ranking decides which products to show first and which on later positions.

2. Product matching detailed

All the factors which works to match the buyers query with your listed product is :

  • Title
  • Description
  • Bullet points
  • Keywords
  • Category

1. Product title

Title plays major role in describing what your product is. The first thing which consumer identifies in your listed product is the title of the product. It needs to be short and sweet covering all the necessary details.

  • Brand name
  • Model number
  • What is the product
  • Product size
  • Color

Product title optimization is mandatory to make most attractive title for your listed product.

2. Bullet points

A slot where you have to write brief information about your product.

  • How does it works?
  • What is the product all about
  • Specifications of the product
  • Qualities and precautions while using the product

Bullet points should give most accurate details about the product since these and title keywords plays big role in Amazon search optimization.

How to Rank Products in Amazon listing? : bullet points

Example of bullet points, to the point details of the product

When consumer will click on the product after reading the title, it will be very interesting and helpful for them to get satisfaction and required help just by reading the bullet points.

3. Product description

In this block you have to mention each and every benefit you know that your product have. Remember you need to be on point, ignore writing a paragraph rather choose to write details just about the products, nothing else.

Any misleading information on the product is vulnerable and bad practise. It will always lead to more returns and policy violation scenarios.

Enhanced brand content writing is nice strategy to outshine in a group. Using bold and italics font for keywords or some ways to make it more attractive and to the point information so buyers gets complete satisfaction for what they wants.

4. Keywords

If there are any words which you forgot to add in bullet points or may be not in context regarding to bullet points but you think people search it more often then you can include that in keywords.

Example for water bottle product, people may write school kids water bottle but this information can’t be written in bullet points as it is not a highlighting factor of your bottle quality or material. You have to mention this specific things in keywords.

5. Category

Make sure you choose the most relevant category of your product. Higher is the relevance, more chances it will be matched and ranked higher in the listings.

Right buyer will come to your page and higher is the chances to receive an order.

3. Understanding Product ranking

Now if your product is matched, next step is ranking of the product. Where that product will be displayed, at the top or some other position in the list. ( You are reading #How to Rank Products in Amazon listing? )

Everyone of us wants our product to be displayed at the top and good news is it is definitely possible. There is no lucky draw which is picked for product ranking instead a simple strategy and consistent work on the quality makes it reliable.

Which factors works to improve product ranking :

  • Reviews
  • Page views and Order Ratio
  • Price
  • Sales rank
  • Product image

1. Reviews

Higher is the number of legitimate reviews by your customer makes the product more efficient for the ranking purpose.

Reviews decides how satisfied the buyer is after using the product. Most of the customers drop their review after using the product. More good reviews will improve the ranking and trust on the product.

2. Page views or Order Ratio

Amazon tracks each and every behaviour of the customer. What products customer is interested in, what categories customer goes through and how much time customer spends on the product page.

The time interval of a customer shifting on another page that’s called bounce rate of the page should be as less.

According to these factors, page views must be as high but bounce rate should be as less to compete with good quality products. You may generate high page views of marketing strategies but can’t hold the customer on the page with irrelevant information, unmanaged page or no reviews at all.

Note : On a search query if a particular products traffic is high and also people are spending highest time on it with lowest bounce rate with maximum number of orders is the highest ranked product in listing.

#inside business reports you can take the information about how much impressions are there in your ASI’s, clicks, order rate.

3. Price

Buyer always wants the best deal to grab in any category for any product. If your product price is lesser then your competitors and also the other factors are favouring a buy position than your ranking will be positively affected by this.

4. Sales rank

It is determined by the number of sales your product is generating. Higher is the number of successful executed orders, better is the sales rank.

One good suggestion for improving sales rank is never let your product go out of stock.

5. Product image

There is a minimum notation that your product size must be 1000 px* 1000 px to upload it in Amazon. Below it will also be accepted but the auto zoom function won’t work accordingly for lower size images.

You should product minimum 3-4 products images from different angles as it becomes very easy and customer friendly while craving more about any product. If your product is having variations in colour and sizes then it is also one of the good factors.

Hope you got to learn everything about How to Rank Products in Amazon listing? Stay tuned for more upcoming informational blogs.


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